Vivid Life Empowerment is a personal development course designed to assist in the navigation of spiritual path with the knowledge and tools to embrace conscious living.

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Spiritual growth and progression is a multi-transitional state of being that can be challenged as part of everyday living. It is about how you passage through the challenges that can makes all the difference.

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Vivid Life Empowerment

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A comprehensive online journey to assist the navigation of your spiritual path, giving you knowledge & tools to embrace conscious living.

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Step-by-step instructional videos containing powerful techniques, tools and information to empower conscious living and beyond.

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6 Hypnotic Meditation Mp3s

Join Tracie as she guides you on these downloadable MP3s into meditative bliss. Make powerful personal changes at the deepest level.

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By developing your spiritual self you will embrace and envelop the exploration of the spiritual phase of transformation. This is an education about how to develop a personal shift, through knowledge and deeper awareness of expanding on life, with expression of our authentic self, compassion and alignment.

This was the best decision I had made in a long time. I thought it was going to be  hard to face the stuff I had going on. The fear is gone and now I and in a good place. Thanks Tracie. It was great to work with you.

- Brett

The shift was amazing! I no long feel controlled from my past and I can be in the now moment with peace. I found the struggle I was suffering from was just my mind controlling how I felt. Tracie took me into a space that made it...

- Debbie

After working with Tracie for a little while I soon came to realize she is an alchemist. Every little crumby bits I presented with got turned into Gold. The ease of the transformations on each session still astound me. I would...

- Karen

With Tracie’s personal development sessions I was  able to be the ‘me’ that I always knew I was. I was able to shine with confidence, clarity and not be burdened down by those around me. I am peaceful, happy and on my path...

- Hayley

Tracie’s personal development sessions were creative, heartfelt, engaging and so effective. I felt the shift and now have clarity on what the block was, we clear it and now I can be so much more peaceful and happy.

- Jessica

To experience choice is the key to empowerment & potential. It is your choice is move forward to expand a vision of what you want.

- Tracie Delysia Wolter, Founder of Vivid Life EMPOWERMENT

Tracie Delysia Wolter