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Personal Development Mentor and Author

Just like a lotus, we all have the conscious ability to thrive from the mud, bloom out of the depths and radiate divine energy and light into the world.

I am Tracie Delysia Wolter and I would like to share with you how I became awakened and approached living in a conscious way of being.

My life took many rapid shifts in a short time which lead to my marriage ending. There was no forewarning as I was plunged into devastating disappointment, overwhelming darkness and I fell into the depths of despair with the loss. Thank goodness I remembered how to breathe as my entire world suffered and shook on its’ foundations around me!

My entire self suffered as a consequence and from that I was diagnosed with cin3 cervical pre-cancer and it was then that unfathomable darkness threatened to swallow me whole.
My consciousness continued, without me even being aware, to emit a very dim light at this point as during one of the major scheduled surgeries for my cancer- I felt myself just give up, as the struggle was too hard, and I died on the operating table.

It was then that I found my soul engaged with pure divine energy, just like a dream in which I was very much aware, and felt completely at peace. My soul needed to release the past for this divine order in me to awaken. Astonishingly I returned into my body, never to be the same again. I was now looking at life, being forever changed, like a lotus that had bloomed from the mud.

My energy started to expand and shine. I was enhanced in my perceptions of people and I had frequent connections with spirit as my newly awakened energy surfaced. I become a seeker of the truth looking for answers. It was through my own education reading numerous books covering spirituality, consciousness and energy sciences, which I came to be passionate about, that I developed and honed my vivid skills.

For they had always been lying dormant beneath my surface and it was through my darkness I had found the light.

In the years that followed I recognised these experiences were a part of the journey of my ‘awakening’, my divine ‘enlightenment. I was so very honoured and grateful I was embarking on this passage of bonding to the spirit and being of service to others.

I immersed myself into my education and undertook extensive formal studies; mediumship, hypnosis (becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist), vibrational therapy, modern psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and meridian psychotherapy (specifically the emotional freedom technique EFT)

From this transformation I feel extremely blessed to know my purpose in life and to be able to share my simple message and unique skills with those who wish to be enlightened.

Radiating with the energy of my soul, my love and open heart I share my voice, my music, enhanced with an ambient musical soundscape to guide others on their journey to live a vivid life. I furthermore offer forth my writing, with my knowledge and diverse way of delivery, of conscious living and obtaining flow with life.

I have dedicated myself completely to guiding others, to align their energy to a conscious way of being with their world, with the simple philosophy of;


No matter what you want to change in life;
all you need is clear direction.

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